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Arkon's Arkive: The Archivist Class $9.99
Publisher: Paizo
by Timothy K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/06/2023 23:26:33

It's an interesting class thats very, very, very metamagic heavy. It's full of flavor and nice character art but lacking in its functionality (for me). For example, there is a feat in the material that allows for splitting a spell akin to split hex, but is so restrictive that it feels like a trap option rather than something that could potentially be useful. Other feats follow similarly odd design choices such as destroying grimoires rather than temporarily draining them in one feat and the insistance on not assigning more of the metamagic feats to the classes index spells (focus spells).

I'd recommend the class as it is now with the caveat that you might want to make some tweaks and changes for your games.

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Arkon's Arkive: The Archivist Class
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