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Publisher: Paizo
by Mikayla S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/11/2023 11:38:10

New Patrons, feats, lessons, and even suggested errata to make the base class all the more enjoyable and balanced. What more could you want? A plus supplement after my own heart - and my favorite class, to boot. I think the art in this class+ is my favorite so far, but that's the least of my enjoyment because everything I've seen in this feels "right". Sorely needed new themes like Chaos, Fey, Sea, and woah! Tapestry! A creative and cool one there. And who doesn't want a Mutable Familiar, really?? What great flavor, and nice options.

As mentioned right on the first page, this really did feel like a "love letter" to this class. I'm already talking about it at my table (which happens to contain a passionate Witch who now wishes they knew these options sooner! Hah!)

After checking this out in-full, it almost makes the base class seem empty by comparison. They sought to really expand on the feeling of Witch, creating an assortment of new paths but all of them feeling sufficiently "witchy"! Not a single thing feels out-of-place. My favorite supplement of the lot, and sure to see use at my table. Thanks for the love, for this class.

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