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Publisher: Paizo
by Ben W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/29/2023 09:06:06

IMPORTANT NOTE 29 March 2023: This review rating was mistakenly based on an older version of this supplement. I will be amending it to reflect the author's changes and notes in their reply below.

This product has brought me out of review retirement to give my honest opinion and thoughts on this conversion of the Mythic Rules from Pathfinder 1st Edition into Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

The Good

A remarkably faithful conversion of Mythic Paths, Path abilities, and Mythic Feats.

The use of Focus Points to replace Mythic Power is inspired and fits the existing PF2 game well.

The Bad

Persistent use of the term "damage reduction" throughout the product instead of Resistance, except in a few cases where "Mythic Resistance" is mentioned, but there's no indication what that actually means (so gaining "5 Mythic Resistance" is frustratingly meaningless, though I assume it means "resist all physical damage 5 except from a Mythic source").

Some abilities have the Focus trait but no focus point use.

Abilities exist that are nonsensical, or contradictory, or don't quite properly account for the rules of the game (for example, an ability which is a reaction that if it works allows you to make an attack of opportunity, except attack of opportunity is a reaction, and you've already used your reaction, so... it really should just let you make a melee Strike).

The Conclusion

As a long-standing fan of the Mythic rules (it's second only to the Kingdom rules for me), I truly want to love this product, but it feels to me as though it was rushed out without a developer pass, which would have caught all of the problems I've found. It is definitely not an overall "bad" product, but undoubtedly will take some work to make it function properly, even though the design intent is very clear in most places.

I would have liked to see some treatment of Mythic monsters to accompany this, as that would have rounded the product out nicely, but I can forgive it if we assume it's solely meant to be the player-facing rules being converted.

Overall, I have to give this 3 stars. It's probably good enough for most people, and I'm borrowing heavily from it for my own use, but the amount of effort I'm putting in to make it actually function within the confines of PF2 is a serious detriment.

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Creator Reply:
Hey Ben W.

First off, thanks for the review! Secondly It took some time but I fixed some of the problems you pointed out.

Damage Reduction - Removed references to damage reduction, replaced with resistance.

Mythic Resistance - Mythic resistance is explained in the glossary, any damage from a non-mythic source is reduced.

Focus Trait - Fixed most of the Trait abilities, clarified wording, this has been a work in progress and initially there were no action indicators, so wording was included to explain how many actions each activity would take. I have removed much of this now.

Contradictory Wording - A lot of this was a result of specifying number of actions. Cleared up most abilities descriptions.

Mythic Monsters - I am working on a supplement for Mythic Monsters and Mythic Spells! Thanks for your support and for the review. This document is updated monthly, so keep the reviews coming and look out for the next two supplements.
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Mythic 2e
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