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Frontiers of Magic $12.00
Publisher: Paizo
by Thal W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2023 23:17:44

Quite good on the whole. The magic systems are interesting, which is what truly matters. Shifter is fantastically done, basically everything I could want from such a class.

Mesmerist: Eyebiter should probably have a prereq of Familiar, and not sure how it interacts with normal familiars! Otherwise I have no real input on this class. It's fine, not my style.

My one real dislike of this book is there's a LOT of content in here, like a LOT, but there are neither bookmarks nor an index. It makes it very hard to find any one thing.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks! Yeah, I blanked on the pdf export. I usually add bookmarks and will make sure they're in the next update.
I just uploaded an updated pdf that has pdf bookmarks (at least on my end!). If you don't see them, let me know.

I'll also take a look at Eyebiter during the next round of Foundry integration - Thanks!
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Frontiers of Magic
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