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The Abomination Vaults: Expanded Pay What You Want
Publisher: Paizo
by Brian W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/25/2023 18:42:05

At nearly 90 pages, this Guide has a lot of well thought out and expanded notes on the Abomination Vaults adventure as well as the town of Otari. It is well organized leaving me hopeful that it will be a corenerstone for my upcoming run of the Beginner Box (aka Menace under Otari) -> Trouble in Otari + Abomination Vaults.

Having a second set of eyes with advice on how they ran the adventure is much appreciated and at least makes this part of learning Pathfinder and converting a pre-published adventure to be balanced for my gorup of (typically) 7 players easier.

With this being put out as pay what you want, it is (quite literally) a steal. Don't hesitate, give it a try and come back to put some money towards it once you see the value for yourself. At least for me this product is easily on par with the Abomination Vaults GMs Guide that asks for $5.99.

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The Abomination Vaults: Expanded
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