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Impossible Lands+ $9.99
Publisher: Paizo
by Rayce M [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/28/2022 22:49:28

The +Team continues to be master class. The player options are strongly evocative while meshing seamlessly into the canon content. I find it dificult to flip all the way through the densely packed pdf without an urge to pull out a pencil and start scribbling out a character concept. The deeply stylized art from Derry Luttrell continues to be exciting and fun, but there is a distinct edge to this volume. Additional textures and high detail take many concepts to a great height that makes me excited to share them with my players. There is a strong mind towards balance even when pushing the limits of what a class was previously able to do. I see no issues weaving in any of these options. The authors and playtesters have tried much harder than me or my players to break them, and I feel assured that a player using these options will be well in line with any other player, but may find themselves having even more fun. While they have not released for the current version as of writingI wish to applaud the team for continue to bring important tool options such as foundry and pathbuilder support as a package deal with the pdf itself. Having previous + books in my pathbuilder has been a delight for those like me who while away hours simply in the process of building many more characters than will ever be played. This is the second peice of content from the team that I have bought on day 1 and have absolutley no regrets. They have been very active and passionate on social media channels and their discord, and it has been a pleasure becoming part of there comunity. I cannot recommend their books enough.

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Impossible Lands+
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