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Publisher: Paizo
by VINCENT M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/18/2022 18:01:23

This migration of the Mythic ruleset from P1 has promise. The document needs polish in two different ways, however.

First, and simplest, is some corrections to grammar and spelling; for instance, instead of "Heirophant" the path should be "Hierophant."

The second is in regards to mechanics, where a lot of P1 mechanics are referenced that do not exist, or are greatly changed, in P2. Some examples:

  • There are a number of references to "bardic performances," but there are no such things in P2. The closest analog are composition cantrips or composition spells (bard focus spells), but the way their durations work is vastly different from P1's bardic performance, to the point where the abilities as defined don't make sense to use on a composition cantrip/spell. - EDIT: This is addressed in the 18 Apr 2022 update.
  • There are number of references to provoking "attacks of opportunity," but AoO works very differently from P1. Not all characters (or monsters) can make an AoO, some have different reactions that are similar to but not the same as AoO (for example, the monk's Stand Still feat or the ranger's Disrupt Prey feat), and others have reactions triggered similarly to AoO but do entirely different things (such as the rogue's Reactive Pursuit and Opportune Backstab feats). These would be better off stating that they "don't provoke reactions" (similar to the wording of the Step basic action in the core rules), or that they "allow an ally to make a melee Strike against the target as a reaction," depending on context. - EDIT: This has some updates in the 18 Apr 2022 update, but still needs work.
  • All reactions, and free actions that can be used outside of a character's turn, must have a Trigger entry defined. - EDIT: This is still outstanding as of the 18 Apr 2022 update. An example is the Mythic Saving Throws feature, which (based on the text) should have a Trigger entry of something like: "You are about to attempt a saving throw from a non-mythic source". Similarly, the Force of Will feature should have a Frequency of "once per round" and a Trigger of "after a d20 result is rolled and the result is revealed". Another example is the Mythic Sustain feat, which should have a Trigger of "Your turn begins" (which has its own interaction with the rules).
  • Any requirements to be able to use an activity or action should be in a Requirements entry.
  • There's a lot of use of the Flourish keyword. Some of these may be better off with a Frequency entry stating "once per round," unless the explicit intent is to prevent the use of other activities with the Flourish keyword (such as a number of fighter and ranger feats) in the same round. - EDIT: This is addressed in the 18 Apr 2022 update.
  • It would be much cleaner if the number of actions an activity requires is expressed in a similar way to the core rules. I'm fairly sure that Paizo provides the symbols for use with simple licensing, as described here: - EDIT: This is addressed in the 18 Apr 2022 update, thanks!

EDIT: After the 18 Apr 2022 update, I found a number more things while verifying the stuff above. Rather than make this a huge review but still wanting to help, I put a Google doc here with other things I found:

I also appreciate the follow up!

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Creator Reply:
Hey Vincent M!

Thanks for the review, you made some great points and I've updated the document with some of the changes you recommended.
-Hierophant spelling corrected
-Bardic performance references removed
-AoO changed
-Flourish changed
-Action symbols added
As for the trigger requirements, the circumstances that allow a free action or reaction to be used are specified in the feat, adding an additional area to reiterate those circumstances would take some reformatting. So I'll think about it.

If you have any other suggestions please post them! If you feel like the document is better than 3 stars with the changes, give it another star. If not don't worry about it.

Thanks for checking out mythic 2e!
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