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Heroic Crafting Pay What You Want
Publisher: Paizo
by Niko D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/20/2022 09:18:48

The language the book uses for many things is a bit confusing, I'm pretty sure there's a typo in the Craft a Project action (doubling the value of your materials on just a normal success? sounds like a crit success condition lol), and while I love the gathering/trove system... I do wish there was some way to unbind it from the survival skill in the feats provided (though that's just because I play a High Intelligence/Low Wisdom character ahaha). Regardless though, this book is inspired. The mechanics are great and pretty intuitive once you get your brain around the strange way a lot of this is written. The different time gates you can split crafting between in a way that feels really intuitive is awesome, and I love that they weren't afraid to make crafters do a little bookkeeping (because for me at least, that's part of the experience!). Most of all, I just love that I finally have a crafting system where I can have consistent access to something I build my character around without relying solely on the whims of a GM. I also especially like the clear attention that's gone into game balance despite how focused the system is on speeding things up so crafters can craft outside of downtime, but in a way that doesn't make this system slow and boring like the way Paizo did it in the core game. I do think the book could use a few more things to make the best out of the core systems (an ability to collect materials for specific types of projects at a higher rate of income, a more fleshed out monster parts system, my players upon seeing it really wanted there to be a cooking system, etc), but if you're willing to do some light homebrew to build out the book or combine it with other 3PP content like the Battlezoo Bestiary... you can't go wrong with this! I'm super excited to see my more crafts-oriented players in the games I run play around with this system and I hope my GM is willing to use it so I can have more fun with my Inventor. Despite any flaws or holes this book may have, it's still a vast improvement over the core game's crafting system and just really well thought-out in general.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for your review!

For high Int/low Wis characters looking at Foraging, we recommend checking out the Salvage Item activity, which can be applied not just to items you no longer need, but also to a damaged wagon on the side of the road or valuables found in an ancient battlefield. Salvaging a Numerian crash site can give a lot of the same vibes as Foraging, but with a more Intelligence sort of perspective!

Regarding the degrees of success, doubling on a normal success is how crafters can make items at a discount. If you do a good job working with your crafting materials, your labor will indeed make them more valuable than they were to begin with!
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Heroic Crafting
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