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Something to Dismember Me By: A Harrowing Hayride $5.00
Publisher: Paizo
by Dylan W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/18/2021 06:55:18

An adventure featuring a fantastic cover and an excellent concept. I love the idea of the kind of false perception horror where you believe something is innocent and part of a show, only for it to be revealed that no, this is your worst nightmare. It's almost like a cold splash of water in your face with your life hanging in the balance.

Designed for levels 1-4, an excellent level range for the adventure's light-hearted setup, the author has been sure to include suggestions for raising the stakes if the players find the challenge too easy.

Adventure itself: Good mix of skill checks, combat encounters, and RP environment.

Final Verdict: A great concept with enough content to play a short game with your friends. GMs should read over the adventure ahead of time and roadmap it with GM notes and possible inclusions of their own, and take very careful note of how the last encounter works. With the proper prep work, this could be a fun adventure with a mix of light-hearted and serious content. If you're looking to add a side-quest to your campaign, I'd say this is a great one for either horror or seasonal content.

Final Encounter Pro-Tip: The last encounter can be perilous. Make sure players understand how to win the encounter, either with an NPC informing them or a Recall Knowledge check. Additionally, you may want to fudge initiative so that you don't have all the enemies go first and immediately TPK the party before they can do anything. One creature going first and downing a player to show how dangerous they are could be worth it. In this case, with a level 1 party, you should probably ignore the Massive Damage rule from the CRB.

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Something to Dismember Me By: A Harrowing Hayride
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