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Kitsune of Golarion Remastered $19.95
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Kitsune of Golarion Remastered
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Publisher: Paizo
by Brian B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/03/2024 20:21:50

I knew going in I was already going to like this book. I'd bought the original several months back, and it immediately got me playing a Kitsune in one of my games. So when I heard a Remaster was coming, I was excited. And now that it's here, it's so SO much more than I could have expected, or even asked for.

Kitsune of Golarion feels like the closest thing to an Official Pathfinder Supplement I think I've seen so far on Infinite, and not just because of the page count. With detailed write-ups for Kitsune Ethnicities all over Golarion, with everything from cuisine and style of dress to their relationship to the goddess Daikitsu, every write-up feels unique and perfectly fit within the Lost Omens setting as we know it.

And that's not even touching the breadth of Class Options. With a wide variety of support for both existing Classes and Archetypes, to several brand new Archetypes like the Diplomat and Skirmish Performer (my personal favorite), this book is a must-grab for any Pathfinder Infinite regular, even if they aren't planning to play a Kitsune. The Tailed Scion improves on the original's Nine-Tailed Scion, and the Pawler and Star-Spinner Archetypes support fascinating new combat styles. Even the items are used to explore design spaces that I don't think I've seen many explore yet, or at least to the level of finesse shown here.

That said, I must admit there are a few minor points that make it a 9/10 for me (rounding up on the 5 point scale). There's at least a handful of instances of mechanics not fully fitting Pathfinder 2e due to likely carry-overs from PF1/SF1 (like listing size categories smaller than Tiny), and some wording that could use another pass to help clear up. But in the end, nothing that an Errata pass shouldn't be able to fix, and honestly shouldn't be held against in this age of online production.

TL;DR: Great Book, and absolutely the labor of love I'd expect from Mr. Augunus on his greatest hyper-fixation. No one could have done a Kitsune Book better, honestly.

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