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Eldritch Expansions Rainbow of Elements: A Kineticist Expansion $9.99 $7.99
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Eldritch Expansions Rainbow of Elements: A Kineticist Expansion
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Eldritch Expansions Rainbow of Elements: A Kineticist Expansion
Publisher: Paizo
by hugh h. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/14/2024 01:29:52

If you're looking for some VERY creative options for kineticists, you've found a great module that knocks it out of the park! With fourty pages of content, its no wonder I leapt onto this the moment Foundry support was announced. You should be warned that the module cannot implement the blasts of its homebrew elements yet (Making custom blasts on the PF2E system module is impossible to do atm until the system devs are able to fix it up). As such, the module devs don't have much of a choice until the way is clear.

Each element features fun feats and maneuvers, tho most of them aren't able to make use of expanded kinesis aside from Light. Void isn't clear on what its base kinesis produces either, but it would be fun to see if they could produce macabre things like desiccated matter or bones. The only feat i have concerns with, the Blessing feat for the Vitality element, is that is has no cooldown or immunity after use. Being able to make a target heal for an effect's max value with a single action at level 1 is quite strong. This is easy enough to patch up, so it hardly counts as a serious detraction compared to how well everything else is organised in the book.

The book's additions to houses of perfection and their Qi spells from the Student of Perfection archetype are really fun! Featuring qi spells and feats for new houses of perfection in the Earth, Metal and Wood elements, any monk taking the archetype will enjoy these features, alhough the book forgot to label the spells as focus spells.

Overall, this is a must-have for Kineticist enjoyers, but you may want to wait until foundry implementation is working in proper order once custom elemental blasts are feasibly doable.

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