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Kingmaker - Rostov Hinterlands and the Greenbelt
Publisher: Paizo
by Tom Y. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/17/2023 14:49:47

Just got this and not to bad, nice maps, just wish they were a bit expanded more to add more detail, but thats just me.

Wish there were some specific new random encounters and with new maps for them as well as I know all the official ones by heart, maybe add a trapper encounter or Hunter, wilderness family or some such.

So with nothng super new as to fresh original encounters the price point is a bit steep compared to what others have priced their stuff on Infinite but could chlk that up to the better Hi res maps.

Curious to see a part 2 and perhaps fey encounters and such?

We most def need more official AP extra stuff on Infinite like this!!


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Kingmaker - Rostov Hinterlands and the Greenbelt
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Creator Reply:
Well if that is what you want, Tom, you got it! Tuskwater and Kamelands are in development and you SHALL see expanded encounter tables and fey SHALL BE THERE. Just be careful what you ask for, Fey can be a bit upset with intrusions into their territory. Hopefully you will find it worth the price. - Batfoot.
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