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Gen Con 2022 Infinite Community Megabundle [BUNDLE]

Gen Con 2022 Infinite Community Megabundle [BUNDLE]

This special bundle product contains the following titles.

100 Notes and Letters to Find in Magnimar
Regular price: $1.49
Characters will often encounter pieces of paper when searching places and people. Often, these may be important, but important writings shouldn't be the only ones they find. There will be other jotti...
A Poppet's Playthings
Regular price: $2.50
NOW COMES WITH FOUNDRY SUPPORT! (It's coded as best as I could but some functionality may be missing) Do you stay up late at night, looking through at your copy of The Grand Bazaar just in case new ...
Abomination Vaults GMs Guide
Regular price: $5.99
The Abomination Vaults, Easier! The Abomination Vaults Adventure Path is an extensive campaign in a sprawling megadungeon. Your players need the right tools to navigate its dangers, and you need th...
Alchemist Paper Pusher
Regular price: $0.50
For the Alchemist tired of splashing themselves, but not afraid of a paper cut. The Paper Pusher Research Field gives players another way to try origami without taking the Origami Folder archetype. ...
Arcadia Files: Altameda
Regular price: $4.99
City on the Frontier! The city of Altameda is a haven for the people living in the harsh lands of Tazuni. Altameda serves as a gateway to the splendor—and the dangers—that the lands of Tazuni of...
Archetype: Elemental Blaster
Regular price: $0.99
Destroy your enemies with the raw power of the elements! The Elemental Blaster is a new archetype designed to fulfil the fantasy of tirelessly slinging destructive bursts of elemental energy. Offeri...
Archetypes: Art of War
Regular price: $1.99
Enter the battlefield with peerless skill and a hearty song! Archetypes: Art of War is a set of 2 brand new archetypes: Blademaster - Wield your greatsword with grace and precision befitting a virto...
Arkon's Arkive: The Brawler Class
Regular price: $2.95
At a moment's notice, The Brawler can alter their fighting style to address any combat situation. A martial class with a focus on unarmed attacks, this callback to the First Edition's hybrid class c...
Arkon's Arkive: The Inquisitor Class
Regular price: $3.95
Inquisitors deliver the wrath of their god, using their extensive knowledge of Lore to combat the enemies of the faithful. Declare Inquisition against your foes, bring down incredible Judgment Spe...
Arkon's Arkive: The Salvaged Scrap of Sir Sigmund Sturm's Spellbook
Regular price: $3.99
Several Decades ago, a Wizard known as Sir Sigmund Sturm began a research project, with the goal to infuse regular people with the power of the storms for which his family was named. These individua...
Baba Yaga's Guide to Golarion Gastronomy: Andoran
Regular price: $4.99
The first volume in a series of travel and food guides written by Baga Yaga! Jump into the Dancing Hut with the world's most infamous witch, and let her guide you through the food cultures and custo...
Baron Blackstone (PACG Character)
Regular price: $0.99
This PDF contains one new character designed to be fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Baron Blackstone of the Ashwood, Human Hemothurge Baron Blackstone is well-known and ...
Boosted Bestiary
Regular price: $14.95
Expand the Bestiary! The Boosted Bestiary takes more than 60 creatures from the Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary and updates them across multiple levels, giving you more than 200 new monsters. Mena...
Charred Knight: A Knights of Lastwall Archetype
Regular price: $1.77
The Knights of Lastwall are an organization with manifold components, and your options should reflect that. In this product, you'll find: A new archetype, the charred knight, master of fiery s...
Dullahan of Golarion
Regular price: $5.99
Heads will roll! Become the myth and ride into the night with Dullahan of Golarion! An expansion to Book of the Dead, the following is just some of the content you'll find within Dullahan of Golario...
Filarina Gransliem (PACG Character)
Regular price: $0.99
This PDF contains a new character designed to be fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Filarina Gransliem, Human Cavalier Filarina believed herself to be male until she used a m...
From the Arkive: AMP: A Musing on Psychics
Regular price: $2.49
A collection of 1 Subconscious Mind and 2 Conscious Minds, presented as documents stolen from the Dark Archive before its collapse. The Fetchling codenamed Fulminator Ξ (Xi) was a unique oddity amo...
Golarion Unseen: Bloodlines
Regular price: $3.75
Now with Foundry support! Golarion Unseen: Bloodlines offers a view into the expanded options for Sorcerers. Have you always wanted to play sorcerer with a connection to Time, or maybe even the anci...
Guncaller, A Gun-Touting Summoner Class Archetype
Regular price: $1.20
Ever wanted to fight alongside an angel with a shotgun, call the phantom of a gunslinger too angry to die, or summon a dragon with drag-guns? With the guncaller class archetype for the summo...
Hagiographies of the Veskarium Volume 1
Regular price: $2.50
This Starfinder companion introduces ten new Saints of the Veskarium, building upon the ideas introduced in Galactic Magic! Each Saint is described in their own one-page write up, detailing their liv...
Heroes of Omen: The Nanocyte PF2
Regular price: $4.99
Nanites. Tiny machines that can grant incredible fortitude, transform into tools, and course across the battlefield to decimate foes. Whether their incorporation stems from accidental infection, excr...
Infiknight Archetypes: Spell Trickster
Regular price: $3.95
Make Magic Your Own! Infiknight Archetypes: Spell Tricksters expands on the existing spell trickster archetype from Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar with: 35 new feats ranging from level 4 cantrip spell tri...
Infiknight Equipment: Starstone: The Ascension
Regular price: $4.99
A new game has emerged from under the shade of Merrygleam’s kapok tree in the Grand Bazaar of Absalom, inviting children of all ages to compete in a battle of wits, tact, and guile. Starstone: the ...
Infinite Reforged: Investigators
Regular price: $2.99
Reforge Your Pathfinder Experience! Like the investigator class but wish it had a bit more martial oomph? Infinite Reforged: Investigators provies GMs with everything they need to house rule an inve...
Regular price: $4.99
Inkfinder Player Options for Tattoo Artists and Their Canvases Secrets of Magic gives the ground rules for tattooing Player Characters, and Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar extends th...
Into the Void - A Starfinder Adventure
Regular price: $3.95
Into the Void is a special beginning adventure for Starfinder. The heroes will be building their characters as they progress through the adventure, and gain access to more of their abilities. You sta...
Item Implements
Regular price: $3.00
When a thaumaturge adopts an implement, they learn its spiritual significances and secret origins, forging a bond as close and important as a familiar. This book gives your thaumaturge new items they...
Kitsune of Golarion
Regular price: $9.99
Written by Alexander Augunas, Joan Hong, Dustin Knight, Ruvaid Virk, and Sky Mahpiya Wall Living clandestinely among Golarion's ancestries, kitsune make formidable foes and canny heroes. Kitsune of...
Kitsune of Golarion: Foxfire Adepts
Regular price: $5.99
Written by Alexander Augunas You've learned all about the crafty foxfolk of Golarion in Kitsune of Golarion, now learn about one of their most treasured abilities. Kitsune of Golarion: Foxfire Ade...
Kitsune of Golarion: Starspinners
Regular price: $3.95
Now available on Foundry via the module bazaar! "Sacred heirlooms of ancient crystalized magic encased in a starmetal shell... and they can crack the skull of a wendigo!" An archetype expansion for...
Lost Omens Ancestries: Dragonkin
Regular price: $3.95
Unleash the Power of Dragons! Dragonkin are the scions of dragons, drawing upon their draconic lineage for great power. Lost Omens Ancestries: Dragonkin presents a new versatle heritage for the sec...
Merrybears, A Pathfinder Ancestry
Regular price: $3.99
Warm Your Heart and Fill your Belly! Bounce, hug, and endear yourself to the adventuring world while stalwartly defending your closest companions from danger. Merrybears embody the joyful camaraderi...
Mounted Monks
Regular price: $1.99
Whether thundering across the plains or performing daring acrobatics in the circus, some monks train in tandem with an animal mount. These companions meld their fighting acumen and physical force int...
Nerves and Endings
Regular price: $2.55
Explore the mind electric with the help of the Fulmination! In this Infinite Masters title, you'll find four pages of content for the psychic class alongside one page cover, one page OGL, and on...
New Methodology: Spirit Detective
Regular price: $0.75
Something I was hoping to see in the Dark Archive, here is a new Methodology for Investigators that focuses on the spirits and haunt. Includes the basic subclass benefits alongside 4 new Investigator...
Novel Options: Barrier Mage
Regular price: $2.99
The Barrier Mage is a rework and expansion of the Shield Mage introduced in Novel Options: Magic. The Barrier Mage focuses almost entirely on the Shield cantrip and gains quite a few new tricks with ...
Novel Options: Expanded Patrons
Regular price: $2.50
Unleash the true power of your Witch's patron with 55 new feats! Your power comes from a deal forged with your source of power, and not all powers come without cost. Some powers come only from perfor...
Novel Options: Magic
Regular price: $5.99
6 Pages of handwritten lore connecting Earth to Golarion 2 brand new classes and their multiclass archetypes Zealot - A hybrid of Pathfinder 1e's Warpriest and Inquisitor. With 43 feats to choose from...
Novel Options: Primal Illusion
Regular price: $5.99
Wield the power of the mind or channel the fury of nature with Novel Options: Primal Illusion! 2 New Classes: Mentalist and Primalist The mentalist is the Occult Bounded Caster. Featuring four subcla...
Novel Spell Mana
Regular price: $0.99
Tired of preparing spells or using spontaneous spell slots? Try casting spells with mana instead! Featuring old school metamagic like maximize, empowered, threnodic, and selective spell. Simply sp...
Oozefolk of Golarion
Regular price: $8.95
Rehape your destiny! In this exciting ancestry & heritage supplement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Play a shapeshifting ooze adventurer who can change between an amorphous form and a hum...
Origami Folder Archetype
Regular price: $3.99
Where the Alchemist meets the Talisman Dabbler, bring the art of paper folding onto the battlefield. With the Origami Folder Archetype your creations help you manipulate, explore, and tag your enemie...
Practically Perfected Panache: Swashbuckling Refined
Regular price: $3.79
Have you ever felt that the swashbuckler, for all its flair and grace, was missing some opportunities? Then take a new approach to stylish combat with Practically Perfected Panache! Inside, ...
Revised Options: Magic and Fury
Regular price: $0.99
Have you ever lamented the fact that some class options feel too restrictive or somewhat underwhelming? Revised Options: Magic and Fury is a collection of 3 rebalanced class paths: Fury and Supersti...
Scarlet Rose Avengers
Regular price: $2.00
BONDS UNBREAKABLE The Scarlet Rose Avenger is a balanced hybrid class for Pathfinder 1e, blending the devotion of the inquisitor with the true leadership of the cavalier, thematically t...
Shields Reforged
Regular price: $1.99
Have you ever wanted to have more elaborate rules for shields than what we already have? Shields Reforged introduces Shield Runes, with rules for fundamental and property runes for shields inspired...
Spell Tricksters of Lastwall
Regular price: $3.95
"We swear on Vigil's Shattered Walls, Our Crimson Oath: The Tyrant Falls!" Learn the secrets of the Order of the Callimancers who fought to defend Absalom against the forces of the Whispering Tyrant...
Starfinder - The Reach of Hell
Regular price: $1.99
Master the might of Hell with this new Starfinder Infinite publication from Jeremy Corff and Solo Run Studio. Fight for redemption as a reborn Sin-Scarred, harness the power of fiends with Sin-Staine...
Swift Claw (PACG Character)
Regular price: $0.99
This PDF contains a new character designed to be fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, as well as a custom card to support its use. Swift Claw, Human Magus Swift Claw does no...
Tara Aldori (PACG Character)
Regular price: $0.99
This PDF contains a new character designed to be fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, as well as a custom card to support this character's play. Tara Aldori, Human Fighter Tara...
Telessel Neirrenar (PACG Character)
Regular price: $0.99
This PDF contains a new character designed to be fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, as well as a custom card to support play with this character. Telessel Neirrenar, Drow Rang...
Tetsuya, Kitsune Liberator (PACG Character)
Regular price: $0.99
This PDF contains one new character fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, along with one cohort card to support its play. Tetsuya, Kitsune Liberator Champion In the cosmopoli...
The Order of the Vault: A Pathfinder 2e Supplement
Regular price: $3.99
In the right hands, a relic of magical power can defeat a rampaging dragon or turn the tide in a war against the forces of darkness -- and yet, those same items can be turned to evil purposes, twisti...
The Witch Handbook
Regular price: $2.99
Your patron has more knowledge to share... The Witch Handbook is an expansion for the Witch class presented in the Pathfinder Second Edition Advanced Player's Guide. In this handbook, you'll find ...
Variell (PACG Character)
Regular price: $0.99
This PDF contains a new character designed to be fully compatible with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, as well as seven custom cards to support play with this character. Variell Durnatt, Half-el...
Vellum & Lace Ep 01 Pocket Queens
Regular price: $2.00
This is Episode 01 of a serialized fiction series. When Jelica gambles in the back room of a dilapidated mission, she gets more than she bet on. Desperate to save her sister, she rushes across the ci...
Vellum & Lace Ep 02 Knock Knock
Regular price: $2.00
This is Episode 02 of a serialized fiction series.  When last we left off, Jelica was rushing to save her sister… Lhani wants to be a normal student at Arcanamirium, and only worry about how many ...
Virtual Worlds
Regular price: $0.99
Its time to plug in your PCs. Virtual worlds are technological equivalents to mindscapes but have their own abilities, limitations, and quirks. A virtual world can be of any imaginable shape or size...
Regular price: $4.99
Something wicked this way comes! From sea witches with patrons from below the waves to lessons of prophecy and binding, Witches+ is an supernatural expansion to the core witch class with the intent...
Wrecked Upon The Shore
Regular price: $2.99
The bustling seaside town of Otari is about to experience some violent storms...  This Pathfinder Second Edition adventure takes place in and around Otari and its coastline. The party may already b...

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