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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to us!

We will not share or sell your e-mail address or other personal data with any outside party except in the following select circumstances:

  1. To the extent required to verify your payments with our payment processing partners (such as Paypal).
  2. Certain products require us to provide your e-mail address to the publisher in order for you to gain the full benefits of the product. There are only a few such products. All such products are clearly indicated with a warning (see below) in their product description.
    • IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTE: This title requires registration, so your email address will be sent to the title's publisher when you purchase this title.
  3. When required by law, or when there is clear evidence of possible copyright infringement (for example, if a watermarked PDF file is distributed illegally), we will release the contact information of the original purchaser to the creator so the creator can pursue copyright infringement action.

We use your purchase history, cart, and wishlist to determine suggestions of products that you might like, but do not use your personal data in any other ways, nor do we share it with any third parties. If you want us to delete any of your data, simply use the Contact Us link in the footer and request it.

We hate spam, and we don't want to spam you. We also don't want you to miss news you can use! There are different types of communications you may elect to receive from us and from publishers through us. These options can all be changed under your Account page so you can fine-tune how much you hear from us to your personal preference.
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