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Customer Newsletter for 12/21/2021

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Greetings Pathfinder and Starfinder Fans!

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Free PDF of the Week!

Free weekly productElemental Affinities
by Paizo

This document presents eight Elemental Affinities as an alternative to Ancestries. Elemental Affinities are intended to model humans born with a gift for a particular element (Air, Earth, Fire, Light, Shadow, Sprit, Water or Wood). Affinities were created by remixing existing content, and should be balanced against and could be used alongside existing ancestries.

This document provides sufficient variety to allow for an all human game, while still allowing players to make exciting and varied choices during the ancestry stage of character creation.

It also includes one bonus uncommon affinity, for humans who have lost their affinity after part of their body was replaced with magical automaton parts wrought of porcelin, magic and steel.

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Pathfinder Graphic Novel Spotlight!

Pathfinder GoblinsPathfinder Goblins!

The goblins from Paizo's Pathfinder RPG are pint-sized psychopaths, wreaking havoc across the land.

Infamous for their unpredictable attacks, catchy raiding songs, hatred of dogs, and fear of horses, goblins blend mischief and murderousness like no other monsters.

Collecting the entire Goblins comic book series, this fantastic collection includes an exclusive, eight-page bonus short story, as well as an extensive gallery of all cover illustrations and more than 20-pages of official Pathfinder Chronicles with world and character details.


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Featured PDFs!

Featured Title

Vellum & Lace Ep 01 Pocket Queens
by Paizo


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Featured Title

Starfinder Infinite Adventure Card Game - Core Set
by Paizo


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Featured Title

End of Days Bundle [BUNDLE]
by Paizo

$26.97 $16.45

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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekMission 1: Red Sky in Morning
by Paizo

After arriving in Bay of Dismay, the heroes meet several characters involved with the Pillar of Finance. While learning all about the group, undead attack the docks! What will the party learn? How will they deal with this information?

This short adventure is designed for 4-6 characters level 1-4. It should take 1-2 hours to complete.

Purchase includes separate books for the first and second editions.  Get both for the same low price.

  • Author: Curtis Baum
  • Artist: Regan Shupe and Erica Greber
  • Rule System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game AND Pathfinder Second Edition (1E and 2E)
  • Pages: 15



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